Mylapore Restaurant, Folsom

Mylapore is aSouth Indian Vegetarian Restaurant where the emphasisis on freshness and quality. Authentic South Indian cuisine and acasual atmosphere come together at Mylapore, the exciting diningdestination located in the vibrant city of Folsom, California. Spicedto tantalize and priced just right,Mylapore is the perfect place for acasual affordable meal, be it a work day or a weekend get together.Lighter, occasionally spicier, and more varied in flavors than thecuisines of other parts of India, we serveover 25 varieties of dosasand Uthapams. We also serve traditional South Indian Thali food thecontents of which change everyday depending on what is available freshin our local Farmer's Market.

What are you waiting for? Come and experience South Indian Cuisine at its very best today.

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